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Develop your brand

Brand value is the outstanding important factor for your future success. Creating and keeping a brand successful, is a process and takes time. We help you to create value and to develop your brand. intellidi will support you - growing your business. Your company- and brand-success is our mission.

Explore new markets

You plan to explore new markets in Germany or China? You want to grow your sales and your customer base? With intellidi as partner, our expertise will become yours. We explore together the right product features, the strategy and target markets. We create, boost and support your successful market entry.

“Because the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer, the business enterprise has two - and only two - basic functions: marketing and innovation.
Marketing and innovation produces results - all the rest are costs"

Peter F. Drucker

Manage growth

You have great products but underperforming in the market? You are looking for ways and strategies to grow? Your customers are leaving or you have difficulties to develop new customers? You want to reach better growth rates and long-term success? Get in touch with us now - and move to a new level of growth.

Introduce new products

Market introduction plays a very important role in a strategy. If this goes wrong, you might need a long period and unpredictable higher investments to recover - and loose against competition. So better get this right from the start. We are a reliable partner to support and develop your successful product introduction strategy.

“If you cannot find answers in black or white, you might consider something in between. Marketing is science AND art."

a friend

Think design

A product should be developed from the view of the customer needs and desires. We combine design thinking with latest marketing tools to expand, develop, explore and grow your business. We support you in unleashing and growing your creativity.

Change the game

Prices are dropping and competition is eating your market share? You want to find a way out of "red-oceans"? Great possibilities might just be around the corner, waiting to get explored. With our experience and fresh view, we team-up and become your partner for changing the game,

"Culture is eating strategy for breakfast."

Peter F. Drucker

Master the culture

Culture is often underestimated. We help you to bridge the cultural differences - from adjusting your product features and design, your marketing strategies, your local teams and your distribution channels. We help you to ensure that cultural differences are not eating up you strategy, neither your lunch.

Focus your efforts

It is easy to lose focus, and a challenge to gain it back. We support you to identify overhead and unnecessary features in products as well as dead-end distribution,sales and marketing efforts. We help you getting your focus back to be effective.

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your success partner for germany and china

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